Welcome to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Montana State!

We are a Christian campus ministry led by students for students. We want to see students and faculty transformed by their relationship with Jesus. We want to help Montana State University become renewed through our presence here. Most of all, though, we recognize that we have an active role in God’s plan in our world, and we want to participate with Him in changing it for the better.

Beyond Colorblind Study Week 3

Happy Thursday! Join us tonight for our third study of Sarah Shin’s book, “Beyond Colorblind.” We are meeting on zoom at 8:00pm MDT! We will be covering chapters 5 and 6.

Beyond Colorblind Study Week 2

Happy Thursday! Join us tonight for our second study of Sarah Shin’s book, “Beyond Colorblind.” We are meeting on zoom at 8:00pm MDT! We will be covering chapters 3 and 4.

Beyond Colorblind Study week 1

Happy Wednesday! Join us for a study on the first 2 chapters of Sarah Shin’s book, “Beyond Colorblind!” Zoom meetings will be held every other Thursday at 8pm MST, starting tomorrow, June 25! If you are in Bozeman, contact Kristin for a hardcopy, or get an ebook on amazon for $5! Let us know if cost is an issue and we will help you out.

Also, if you’re in Bozeman, the Romans study is meeting tonight at 668 Sanders Ave at 7:30pm!

Bozeman Summer Study

Happy Wednesday! Are you in Bozeman today? Then join us for an awesome in-person Bible Study of Romans!

Romans Study

Happy Monday! Join us tonight for Romans!

Zoom Romans Study

Happy Memorial Day! Join us tonight for a Zoom study on Romans!

Monday Zoom Summer Study

Join us for a zoom summer study tonight!

Romans Summer Study

Come join us online or in person for an awesome study of Romans this summer!

Finals week women’s small group

Happy finals week, cats! Take a break tonight and join us for some fun! Please note that the men’s group is NOT meeting tonight!

Virtual Large Group

Take a study break and join us TONIGHT!

Leader Spotlight

Caleb has been a student leader with InterVarsity for the past two years, and is currently pursuing a career as an EMT. He has had a passion for leading international students to Christ since his 2018 mission trip to East Asia.

Monday Virtual Small Groups

Happy dead week Monday, Cats! Take a break form studying and join us for a small group! Text a leader for the link!

Leader Spotlight

Hello! My name is Jacob Dresen and I am a co-worship leader with Colter here with InterVarsity. I am in my second year studying electrical engineering and am looking forward to next year when I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty classes of the degree. I love to make music and I love to worship our all powerful and worthy God. I can’t wait to see everyone again, to make new friends and to what God has in store for everyone next year!

Prayer Temperament Quiz

Did you miss our prayer retreat yesterday afternoon? Did you join us but can’t find this link? Follow this link to learn more about your prayer style, ways to step up your prayer game, and things to be wary of when praying!

Prayer Retreat

Leadership retreat looks a little different this year! Everyone is welcome and its over the next 3 Sundays! Text a leader for the password!

Leader Spotlight

Hey guys! My name is Kristin Tucker and I am one of the InterVarsity staff here at MSU. I have been on staff with IV since 2008, and have loved being a part of the MSU chapter for the past 6 years! It is such a joy to watch God move in students’ lives, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us next. If you are wanting/needing someone to pray with or process through this time of social distancing and COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of our other leaders! When I’m not hanging out with college students at IV, you can find me spending time with my husband, Travis, and my two kids, Exton and Eden. Our current favorites include family dance parties, dressing up as superheroes, hide-and-seek, puzzles, and Disney+.  

Leader Spotlight

Hey guys! I’m Thomas Jackson! I am a third-year microbiology major at MSU as well as one of the leaders here at InterVarsity. I lead a small group and am one of the events and evangelism coordinators. I generally spend my time reading, running, swimming, hiking and fishing. It’s been great to get to know all of you and I’m looking forward to seeing new faces around next year as well!

Leader Spotlight

We’ve got two leader spotlights this week since I dropped the ball last week!

(Left) Hey I’m Jack Koepke! I’m a student leader with InterVarsity here at MSU and a sophomore in biological engineering. I lead the men’s study on Monday nights in Langford and am one of the events and evangelism coordinators! I drink too much caffeine, hang out with the squad, and go on adventures for fun. I love what God is doing on this campus and the REVIVAL He is bringing. If you ever want to hang out, chat, have coffee, or play soccer hit me up!

(Right) Hey y’all my name is Ken and I’m the Large Group Coordinator. I’m from Portland, Oregon and studying civil engineering. I’m a Sophomore and absolutely love being a part of InterVarsity!

Leader Spotlight

Hello all! My name is Kenzie and I’m one of the leaders here at MSU IV! I’m from Gig Harbor, Washington and am a second year pursuing a degree in Secondary Education. I’ve loved being a part of the IV community and can’t wait to see what God has planned for us next!!!

Leadership Application

Interested in joining leadership? Text a leader for the link to apply!

Leader Spotlight!

Hey friends, my name is Joseph and I come from the rainy land of southwestern Washington. This is my third year at MSU studying mechanical and electrical engineering. I enjoy a myriad of outdoor sports such as rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, snow angel making, and napping in the sun (you know, when it’s not 2 degrees below zero).
All that being said, serving on InterVarsity’s leadership team is the most rewarding thing I do. I am blessed to serve alongside men and women who are passionate about loving God and loving people. It fills my heart with joy unlike anything else in this world.

Leader Spotlight

Hi I’m Ben, one of the campus staff members here at MSU! I’m a born and raised Montanan, and I love to get outdoors, stay indoors, and go anywhere with my friends and family. I’ve been on staff for 6 years, and met my wife Courtney through InterVarsity!

Leader Spotlight

Hey lovelies! My name is Ali and I am one of the leaders in InterVarsity here at MSU! I lead the Unified Women’s Study, Co-lead the Women’s bible study, and sing women’s vocals in worship during large group. I am a sophomore in Microbiology with hopes to work for the CDC studying and producing vaccines after school. I have a crazy passion for the Lord and love making new friends! I am blessed to be a part of InterVarsity and the love that is shared within this community! My main goal in this life: love Christ and make Him known ❤️ 
Come join us for large group on Thursdays at 7:30 in the Animal Bioscience Building Room 138 and I’ll be sure to come say hi to ya!

Leadership Team Spotlight

We are starting something new this week! Every week, I will post a member of the leadership team’s picture and bio!

My name is Colter Ross and I’m a sophomore here at MSU and co-leader of the worship program with Jacob! I grew up in Yellowstone national park, I’m a nursing major, and love all things music. Stoked to be a part of this team! 

Meet the Social Media Rep!

Hi friends! Im Jenna and I am the face behind IV’s social medias, as of just a few weeks ago! Im from Arvada, Colorado, and I am a freshman here at MSU. I am studying Elementary Education, with plans to become a reading specialist! I absolutely love working with IV leadership! Running social media is so much fun! Being a part of IV is such an awesome thing!

Small Groups

Come explore some small groups! We fellowship and dive into God’s Word! Contact the leader for any groups you are interested in!

Large Group

Join us Every Thursday for our Large Group gatherings! Come for a time of fun, fellowship, worship and teaching.

Global/Justice Programs

Looking for something to do this summer? Think about going on a Global Program or a Justice Program! For more information, please go to: gp.intervarsity.org