Campus Staff Ministers

Ben Clapp

Ben is the lead staff member of the MSU InterVarsity Chapter. He has been on staff with InterVarsity for 5 years. He first got involved with InterVarsity as a college student himself and hopes to continue seeing lives transformed by God through InterVarsity as his was.

Kristin Tucker

Kristin is the other staff member for the MSU chapter. She is a mom of two and a lover of Christ. She has been on staff for InterVarsity at numerous locations for a total of 11 years.

Student Leaders

Henry Lemp

Henry is the President of this chapter and will soon be graduating in the fall of 2019. He is a senior double-majoring in Business Management and German. Henry was one of the students that reestablished this chapter a few years ago and made it what it is today.

Thomas Jackson

Thomas is a junior in Microbiology. He is a leader of the Co-Ed Small Group on Wednesdays and is a member of the worship team where he plays the electric guitar.

Caleb Meisdalen

Caleb is a junior majoring in Crop Production. He is the Small Group leader for International Students held in Johnstone. He has had a passion for leading International Students to Christ since his 2018 mission trip to East Asia.

Joseph Marugg

Joseph is a junior double-majoring in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mechatronics. He is a leader of the Co-Ed Small Group held in Quad D on Wednesdays. He also plays cello and bass for the worship team.

Mackenzie Knight

Mackenzie is a junior in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education. She is a leader for the Tuesday Co-Ed Small Group.

Fallon Garman

Fallon is a junior Nursing student who is a Certified Nursing Assistant and an EMT. She is a leader for the only Women’s Small Group.

Brooke Scott

Brooke is studying to become a Medical Assistant at Gallatin College. She is a singer for the worship team and is one of the large group leaders. She is also a leader for the Women’s Small Group.

Lane Garcia

Lane is a junior in Mechanical Engineering with hopes to work with CAD. In addition to engineering, Lane wants to attend seminary and become a youth pastor. He is the drummer for the worship team and a Men’s Small Group leader.

Ken Meyer

Ken is a sophomore in Civil Engineering, hoping to work for the National Park Service after college. He is the worship team leader and one of the large group leaders. He also co-leads the Tuesday Co-ed small group.

Jack Koepke

Jack is a sophomore in Biological Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. He plays the saxophone for the worship team and is a leader of the Men’s Small Group.

Ali Marble

Ali is a sophomore in Microbiology and hopes to study virology after college. She leads a women’s study and helps lead large group in addition to singing worship for large group.